Quick Answer: Are UV Free Tanning Beds Safe?

Are UV tanning beds safe?

Tanning beds are NOT safer than the sun.

Science tells us that there’s no such thing as a safe tanning bed, tanning booth, or sun lamp.

Just one indoor tanning session can increase the risk of developing skin cancer (melanoma by 20%, squamous cell carcinoma by 67%, and basal cell carcinoma by 29%).

How likely is it to get skin cancer from a tanning bed?

Using indoor tanning beds before age 35 can increase your risk of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, by 59 percent; the risk increases with each use. Women younger than 30 are six times more likely to develop melanoma if they tan indoors.

Can you get vitamin D from a sunbed?

Sunbeds do not grant protection against vitamin D deficiency. While any exposure to UVB radiation can increase vitamin D levels, such increases through sunbed exposures plateau rapidly and are outweighed by the risks.

Are tanning beds worse than tanning outside?

Outdoor Sun Tanning – Even though it’s natural, exposure to sunlight is still damaging to your skin. One bad sunburn can more than double an individual’s chances of developing skin cancer. Both indoor and outdoor tanning causes damage to our skin. Tanning beds emit roughly 12 times more UVA light than natural sunlight.